Calcitic Limestone  (37% Calcium)

  • Supplies Calcium and adjusts pH
  • Increases essential nutrient absorption and translocation
  • For maintenance of optimum growing conditions

VERDE-CAL supplies Calcium to the soil in the form of Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Carbonate is beneficial in adjusting soil pH. Calcium Carbonate also helps to reduce Hydrogen, Sodium, and Chlorine in the plant and soil which aids in increasing essential nutrient absorption and translocation. Calcium Carbonate improves the soil structure through flocculation which helps increase water infiltration. VERDE-CAL helps to achieve optimal Calcium levels in the soil.


Application recommendations based on soil fertility tests should be followed.

Apply VERDE-CAL at 250 kg/ha (5 lb per 1,000 ft² / 220 lb per acre) at least twice per growing season or as needed. If desired, VERDE-CAL may be applied at 500 kg/ha (10 lb per 1,000 ft² / 435 lb per acre) once or twice per growing season.

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